Custom Order Process

Are you looking to start a custom order? We are here to help! Here are the steps for a successful custom request!


1. Pick your favorite hand-lettered font!

We take pride in starting from scratch! Therefore, knowing which style of hand-lettered calligraphy matches your style and vision will help us move along smoothly! Here are the current hand-lettered font options that we offer:

hand-lettered fonts


2. Pick your material - Wood or acrylic. Or a mix of both!

All of our acrylic choices are 1/8” thick, unless 1/4” is requested!!
However, when we work with wood, you have the option of 1/8” or 1/4“. A thicker option of 3/8” becomes available for names larger than 5 feet long. The picture below shows the different thicknesses. Our most popular is the 1/8” thick!

Here are some examples in action -

signage examples

3. Decide your size!

Size can be very tricky as we do have some limitations with our laser, however, we hope that the following information can help you understand your options:

The biggest one name/word cut out we can create is 32” long and 18” tall. If you'd like your letters to be taller than 16", we will have to split the word/name. We always use our best judgement to discreetly separate your word/name, so that it looks intentional and flows nicely with the design.

custom example
As you can see in the example above, the name "Jacksons" is divided in between the "J" and "a" and also in between the "k" and "s" to accommodate a larger print.

If you'd prefer to have a single solid word/name and you live in Arizona, we can accommodate larger prints for wood (no acrylic) using a third party! These large orders must be picked up, we do not offer shipping at this time.

If you would like a word or name cut larger than 36”(3 FT), Maria will hand-letter your request and send it off for printing!

We are strong believers in supporting other small business owners, especially in our local area. We love to work with Mulberry House ( for large-scale hand-lettered calligraphy projects.


4. Submit your request!

Shop the custom order products below to get started! If you're looking for something even more specific, please email us at

Please allow a minimum of one month for large project production, otherwise a rush fee of $50 will be assessed.



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